sunday sunday sunday

I think this might be the last outfit from Austin... at this point I've lost track.  I was really excited about this dress because it's so comfortable.  It feels like jammies.  So soft, comfortable and easy to wear.  After Saturday's four-outfit-changes craziness, I felt like wearing something simple and comfy for Sunday.  I didn't get a shot of it, but this dress is also backless, which was nice for cooling down in the Austin heat, but most of the day was spent indoors.  We started the day listening to Elsie and Emma's keynote speech, and then there were more sessions during the afternoon.  So much learning!  And while the learning was awesome, it was more awesome just being around inspiring women.  Strong, independent women paving their own way in the blogosphere and their businesses.  Some had only just started their blogs, some were seasoned veterans with book deals, working with major brands and making a living blogging, some were creative handmade business owners, some were parents, some worked with brands interested in working with bloggers.  It was really inspiring.  Especially because it was all women.  There were a couple guys speaking, and some blogger husbands lurking about, but it primarily women supporting women and encouraging one another to go after their dreams and do it well. 


dress/courtesy of lulu's :: hat/courtesy of tittle millinery :: necklace/moorea seal
bag/courtesy of bali elf :: photos by tieka

Last night I threw a big party at our house to welcome my best friend Kristina to Tacoma.  It was so much fun.  I feel like it's a strange combination, being an introvert and also thoroughly enjoying throwing parties.  I have to sneak off now and then to get some time to myself, a mini-recharge, but hosting parties is one of my favorite things.  I really want to have an end of summer s'more party before fall arrives.  We cleaned up our backyard for the big party and it's so nice to have the back yard clean and looking spiffy.  Of course, it's that time of year when the spiders are trying to take over, but I'm trying to keep them at bay.  I walk around the backyard with my arms flailing in front of me so I don't accidentally walk into a spider web, start spazzing out, and make the neighbors think I'm having a seizure.  Anyone else do the flail-arm-spider-walk? I find it to be an effective technique.

Oh, and totally unrelated to spider seizures: ModCloth is having an AWESOME huge sale right now!  Like, 70% off huge. Go check it out and snag some great stuff!