forest family

On Friday night my mom came down for a super quick weekend visit.  It was fun to have her come down and spend some time, and on Saturday afternoon my brothers drove up and they spent a few hours hanging out and eating dinner with us too!  Even though my parents still live up in Alaska, it's so wonderful to live as close to them as possible.  If you're leaving AK, flying from Anchorage to Seattle is the closest place you can go, and I know my parents had always hoped I wouldn't stray too far from Seattle simply for that reason.  Even living in Spokane was a bit more of a hassle since there had to be a layover in Seattle and then another hour long flight across the state. 
Mom, Dan, and I all went to the Farmer's market with Dusty in Saturday and we bought another whole chicken and roasted it the same way we did a few weeks ago, but this time we fed my mom and brothers.  Plus we had some extra corn on the cob from our CSA, and a bunch of ice cream torte left over, so it was a great way to feed everyone.  I got to go out for drinks with my mom both nights and we went shopping at University Village up in Seattle on Friday, which was fun.  We visited the new Lululemon store up there and I lusted after all the pretty work out gear.  I've been wanting a better yoga mat than my thrifted one, and those Lululemon ones are pretty snazzy.  Kristi's let me use one of her's in the past and it was quite nice.  Lately I've been practicing Pincha and my hand stands.  I've never been able to do a hand stand or anything like that, but I've never practiced, so I'm giving it a go.  It's pretty fun!  
dress/courtesy of modcloth :: shoes(similar)/courtesy of seychelles
necklace/roadside shop
glasses/courtesy of bonlook :: bracelets/courtesy of musana and jewelmint