holding on for autumn

Lately it's been almost too chilly to go out in only a cardigan!  I suppose it's time to dig all my big coats out of storage.  It's kind of exciting, though, to rediscover all the "new" fall/winter clothes.  Boots, sweaters, jackets, coats.  All hidden away since April, dusted off and re-hung.  Dan and I went on a mini coffee date yesterday afternoon before he headed off to work and I enjoyed a Maple Pecan Latte from Metronome.  Usually I'm a black coffee/americano girl, but lattes get all the fun fall flavors so I like to indulge in a few during this season.  
You know how people say, "if you haven't worn something in a year, get rid of it"?  While I kind of agree with that, I also disagree.  A lot of items in my closet linger, simply because I only have the desire to wear them during certain times of year.  I haven't worn this top since last fall, but I didn't want to sell it or donate it to a thrift store because I had a feeling once fall rolled around again I'd want to wear it.  Lo and behold here we are!  I actually have been wearing this outfit with my wide legged, high waisted jeans, but I wasn't in the mood to wear giant platforms (they're the only shoes that make me tall enough so the jeans don't drag.  Yes, I'm too lazy to get them hemmed), so skinnies and boots were my substitute.  I like the outfit both ways.  Kendi recently styled an outfit with wide leg, high waisted jeans and I'm excited to emulate something like it!  Well, once I find a suitable top.  

top(similar)/courtesy of marshall's :: cardigan + jeans/courtesy of modcloth
boots(similar)/courtesy of blowfish :: bag(similar)/courtesy of handbag heaven
hat(similar)/courtesy of tittle millinery
I don't think I've mentioned it yet, but I'll be heading to St. Louis fashion week next Wednesday and I'm actually really excited!  I haven't been to NYFW in a few years, partly because it's hella expensive, but mostly because it's not really my scene.  But St. Louis fashion week seems more down to earth, with more indie designers, less peacocking and street style photographers, and events that are more my speed.  Plus, I'll get to hang out with some of my favorite old blogger friends and new blogger friends I've yet to meet!  STLFW sounds like it's going to be very blogger friendly and low-key.  Plus I'm stoked to hand out in St. Louis!  I went through St. Louis in 2007 when my family was on a cross country RV trip, but we didn't really spend any time exploring the city, just passed through.  If any of you are in the St. Louis area, you should come to STLFW!  I'll be at Industry Night, the Saks Event, and the Neiman Marcus event, which you can buy tickets for here!