lazy day

I've been feeling a bit of wanderlust lately.  Not for anything grand and epic, necessarily, though I surely wouldn't turn down some kind of international adventure.  Just a hiking trip, or an overnight camping trip, maybe spending a weekend at a seaside cabin on the Oregon coast.  All winter we talk about spending the whole summer going on trips like those, but here we are at the end of September and have done nothing all summer.  Granted, we've nearly completed re-siding our garage, which was a pretty big undertaking.  All it needs now is one more coat of paint and it'll be done!  I'm excited to check that project off the list.  Siding the house was a lot of work, but not quite as fun as other house projects I'd like to do in the next year.  
Anyway, I don't think my brain is quite booted up this morning.  So here's a lazy day post, featuring a lazy day outfit, but there's a cute dog in some photos, so at least there's that.


top/thrifted :: tee(underneath) + jeans/courtesy of modcloth
boots/courtesy of bc footwear :: scarf/hand me down
glasses/courtesy of bonlook :: hat (similar)/the north face