life lately


(well... this was a big post but then blogger went and un-published it and deleted half of the post.  Instead of trying to replicate what I'd initially wrote, here's the bare bones of what was there before...)

Watching: The 4400.  It's on Netflix instant!  I started watching it years ago, but I think I left for college and then stopped.  Dan and I are pretty big sci fi fans, so it's fun to watch another sci fi show.
I also started watching Harper's Island. It's funny watching two shows set in the Seattle area.  

Excited About: My new iMac!  My MacBook Pro has become pretty non-functional, and it's rather old (early 2009).  It'll be strange having a desktop, but hopefully it will help focus on work.

Thankful For: My mom visiting this past weekend!  I'm so thankful that despite living thousands of miles from my various family members, I get to see them relatively frequently.

Anticipating: Shooting a wedding this weekend!  The forecast calls for rain, but I'm hoping it'll hold off.


walks with the dust :: walk for wishes with my mom :: tomato harvest
making salsa :: succulent :: siding the garage :: dusty impeding my workout

 "Feminism is being free to decide who I want to be and how to act"

 So many feels. Well played Katy Perry.

 The Make A Wish fundraiser is done, but there's still a few weeks to donate to Seattle Children's Hospital!  I'll be running their Run Of Hope 5k on the 29th with a team, and if every one of my Bloglovin' followers donates just 50 cents I'll more than surpass my $300 fundraising goal!  Donate here :)

 This documentary is so beautiful and moving.  Humanizing those who are so easily dehumanized by the prison system, and redeeming lives once thought unredeemable.  So much compassion, love, and hope in a place no one would expect to find it.

 My mom did this for me and I didn't even realize it until I was an adult woman. So thankful.

 A wonderful talk about shifting the way we approach kids with ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and other "disabilities" in school environments.  So many of my thoughts put into words.

 Well played, Guinness. Way to make a masculine, manly beer commercial that makes me like men more, not less.