remix archives // fall blazer


The past couple days it's been raining non-stop, and as I took Dusty for a late afternoon walk, I felt the definitive nip in the air signaling fall's arrival.  In the last week I've grown more fond of the idea of fall coming.  We had a super long, very warm summer, and cooler temperatures are starting to sound nice.  Plus, I'm getting excited for soup.  Last fall I went soup crazy.  I think I only cooked soup for a solid two months.  Anyway, all of that to say, it's the time of year for blazers!  I wore this one quite a few times last fall, so we'll see if it gets more wear this year.  It's a really comfortable blazer, made out of more of a sweatshirt fabric than the usual formal blazer fabric.  I think that probably makes it a bit warmer than your typical blazer, too, which is nice for layering and keeping warm as temperatures dip lower.  I like pairing blazers with more ethereal dresses, it makes for a fun contrast.  Although, going full on professor with a structured top and skirt is also fun sometimes.  My style has evolved since last fall, so I'm looking forward to styling this blazer in even more ways!