remix archives // summer to fall

I don't really believe in seasonal wardrobes. There are a few pieces that I feel like are obviously seasonal, but for the most part I like to think of nearly everything in my closet as wearable in any season.  As fall approaches, I thought I'd share a few examples from my own closet of summer dresses that I've worn throughout fall and winter simply by layering and restyling them.  There's no reason to box away all your super cute summer dresses, there are plenty of ways to make them work for fall and winter.

This first dress has been in my closet for years, I think I got it back in 2009?  It's one of my favorites and I love to wear it all year long.  My favorite way to warm this one up for fall is by layering a top underneath and then adding tights and boots.


This bird dress is another favorite.  I also like to wear tops underneath it, but I also like wearing cardigans on top.  And tights, obviously.  Something that makes a dress transition easily into fall is the type of lining it has.  I've noticed a lot of dresses are made of fabric which sticks to most tights.  This is super annoying as I've found this causes the dress to crawl up into my crotch... not really the look I'm going for.  You can always wear a slip which prevents this, but if a dress is already made of a slippery fabric or has a lining that doesn't stick to tights it makes it much easier to style in the cooler months.


This pretty dress is a great transitional piece.  It's made of a pretty thick fabric, and the style has a lot of structure, which makes it nice for fall.  I really like how pairing this dress with a cute cardigan put focus on the peter pan collar.  It's important to remember that you don't necessarily have to dress for the temperature outdoors.  Unless you are spending significant amounts of time outside, you just need to be warm enough to go from a warm car to a warm building.  Plus, you're probably going to be wearing a coat anyway, which will provide enough warmth and you can still wear short sleeves.


Of everything in my closet, I'm pretty sure this dress gets the most wear.  The amount of times I've remixed it is kind of ridiculous.  With this dress my favorite way to warm it up is to wear tops over it, instead of under.  Scarves are also a great way to not only add interest and pattern to your outfit, but they're warm too!  Bonus.  A dress like this, in a neutral black and white color scheme, make it really easy to pair with any other color, so you can draw from lots of color palettes when you're layering.