the narrows

This is where Dan and I took our bride and groom portraits after our wedding reception.  This evening reminded me of that one.  There was a slight nip in the air and the sun was beginning to set.  I've done outfit photos here a couple times, but it's fun to see how I've progressed as a photographer since the first time I shot here.  Granted, a few of these shots are a bit out of focus, but somehow that's how it goes with a tripod/self-timer set up, which is why I like being able to shoot other people.  It's so much easier to get things like focus and exposure correct when you are behind the lens.  I'm shooting a wedding this weekend up near Mount Rainier and I'm super excited to be able to shoot in such a gorgeous location.  Plus, it's rather nostalgic, as Dan and I honeymooned up near Mount Rainier.  I'd love to spend an anniversary up at the cabin where we honeymooned, someday.  Perhaps for a more significant anniversary like our 5th or 10th.

Talking about our honeymoon made me start thinking about it ... and I so thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was so laid back and cozy.  We stayed in an old log cabin, ate cheese and drank wine, had lasagna and old fashioned's, walked around the woods, soaked in a private hot tub, and played tower defense games by fireside.  Even though a tropical honeymoon would've surely been fun, there's nothing that suited us better than our woodsy, cozy honeymoon.


top/via swap :: jeans/courtesy of modcloth :: boots(similar)/courtesy of blowfish
necklace/in pink :: bracelets/musana and jewelmint

I'm not typically one for drapey tops, but I got this one at the last swap I had with friends and I thought I'd give it a go.  Since it was a swap, it was basically "free." Swaps are great ways to try out items that you might not typically go for, or want to spend money on when it might not turn out.  I think it's high time I organize another swap.  Perhaps mid-october.  It's crazy how time goes so quickly.  How is it almost October!?  I remember booking this weekend's wedding and thinking how far off it seemed and now it's in a few days!  Craziness.  I know bloggers go on and on about how time flies, but as I get older it really does feel so bizarre.  Now that we have Dusty, she's another indication of time's quick passage.  We've had her for little over a month now, but she seems so big!  Not necessarily in size, but in how she acts.  She's become so much more mature and "grown up," if you will.  For a puppy, that is.
She's such a wonderful presence in our home.  In the beginning I was pretty stressed out, being a pup-mom (becoming a "real" mom now seems devastatingly terrible. My neurotic tendencies seem ill-suited for parenthood sanity), but she's understanding commands more these days and being less of a toddler.  I've been happy with our interactions out and about.  So many people have given us great feedback on how well behaved and calm she is, especially around children and other dogs.  She has her manic moments, but for the most part I'm so happy with how well she's growing up!  I feel silly talking about her as if she's a child, but it's funny how a pet really does become part of the family.  I'm glad we chose Dusty, versus the other pup we were considering who was much much more energetic and crazy.  Dusty's personality fits into our family so wonderfully.  I can imagine she'll be a great "older sister" whenever we end up having a human baby.