diy instagram magnets

Happy hump day, y'all!  Here is a super easy DIY that only takes about 10 minutes to complete, and leaves you with some really fun, personalized magnets to use on your fridge, or wherever else you may need magnets.  I made my magnets out of some of my favorite instagram photos, printed out using the Printic App.  You can send them to print straight from your phone and then they come in the mail a few days later, printed on photo paper with a fun polaroid frame.  You could use almost anything for your magnets, though, as long as the adhesive on the magnet sheets can stick on!

For this project you'll need:

Photos, or whatever you want to make into a magnet
A pen
Magnet adhesive paper (I found mine on Amazon)


1. Take one of your photos and lay it on the magnet adhesive paper. Hold it still and trace around the edges so that you know how big to cut your piece of magnet.  

2. Cut along the line you drew and then lay the photo over the piece you just cut to make sure the piece isn't larger than the photo.  You don't want to see the magnet, so you'll want to cut it slightly smaller than the photo.  If you can see the magnet, go in and trim the edges of the magnet a bit until you can't see it when you lay the photo on top.

3. Remove the backing on the magnet to reveal the adhesive surface.  Carefully line up your photo over the adhesive and then stick it down.  You only have one shot to get this right because the adhesive is pretty sticky and it'd be difficult to pull it off and try again.  If you didn't get it quite right, you can take your scissors and trim any excess magnet that is showing.

Done!  The magnet is pretty decent, so you can even use the little magnets you made to hold up papers and such.  I think it'd be fun to have a whole fridge covered in photos of friends and family and pretty little details.  In a digital age where most of our photos are online or on our phones, it's nice to have tangible, physical photographs.  One of my favorite things to do when I'm at other people's houses is look at the photos they have on their fridge.

I have a bunch of magnet paper left over so I'm brainstorming more fun magnet projects now!