Here, look at some cute pictures of Dusty.  And then go die a thousand deaths because she is the cutest thing to ever walk the Earth.  I can't even.  Thank God for cute corgis because I haven't done outfit photos in probably a week.  Since we've had flooding and even a tornado touch down here in the Tacoma area, I don't feel too bad about staying inside.  Last night Dan finally pulled the trigger on buying us some Magic the Gathering cards, and he had the day off so we hung out all day, went climbing, made food, drank wine, and learned how to play.  So far I'm really liking it!  I've never played a card game like that.  I play a mean game of solitaire, but that's pretty much it.  Dan's been trying to convince me that we should start doing D&D, so I think this is his first attempt at converting me.  Honestly I'm not really opposed to the idea, so we'll see if he succeeds!  But for now Magic is a pretty fun alternative to watching Netflix or doing something else that's mostly passive.  I've always liked that games fill time, but they aren't a passive kind of brain-rotting activity like watching TV.  I mean, I love me some brain-rotting TV, but when it comes to hanging out with other people, playing a game is much more interactive than just sitting next to one another watching the same show.