i put a spell on you

One of my favorite events that was planned for us during St. Louis Fashion week was the thrifting adventures with Savers.  Savers is one of my favorite thrift stores, but I've always known it as Value Village here in the PNW.  We were treated to a treat table, a $25 gift certificate to Savers, and then let loose upon the store!  Some of the ladies in the group weren't the thrifting sort, but I was like a kid in a candy store!  I didn't really have an outfit planned for the next day's activities at Saks 5th Avenue and Neiman Marcus, so I decided to challenge myself to find my entire outfit that night at Savers... and I did!  Everything I'm wearing in this outfit is from Savers except for a couple accessories.  I was pretty proud of my thrifting skills, though I certainly got lucky.  My shoes are Jessica Simpson and the dress is Express, so that worked out pretty well!  I felt like a bit of a rogue going to places like Saks and Neiman wearing and outfit that only cost me 25 bucks.  A lady even came up to Julie and I and told us that we had the best outfits out of the whole fashion crowd, and both of us were wearing thrifted and vintage!  Take that high fashion!  Thrifting FTW!  It was pretty fun to get to thrift alongside ladies like Julie, Tieka, and Keiko.  I always admire ladies who can seamlessly mix thrifted or vintage items right alongside investment pieces or designer items.

dress + belt + shoes + necklaces / thrifted at savers :: bracelet/courtesy of musana jewelry
quartz necklace/courtesy of adorn by sarah lewis :: photos taken by Julie
This outfit is a little bit Free People witchy, which seems appropriate for Halloween.  My default halloween costume is a witch, probably just because I own a witch hat and have a lot of black clothes and dark hair.  I usually like to source halloween costumes from my own closet, and it's not too difficult since a lot of my clothes lend themselves to a more costume-y use.  One year I was out of town for halloween and threw together a cat costume by using the leg of some black tights as a tail and made little ears out of my hair and then I think I just wore black.  I'm not into the elaborate or "slutty XYZ" costumes.  I find it much more fun to see what I can come up with out of things I already have.  Of course, I also never have been to a huge halloween costume where there's a lot of pressure to have an awesome costume.  All of the halloween parties I've ever been too have been super laid back, though I think it'd be really fun to go to a big halloween party where everyone goes all out!  I love dressing up in costumes, so halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  I mean, I enjoy putting together fun outfits for daily life, so halloween is just a crazy version of that!