Somehow over the past couple weeks I've forgotten how to get dressed.  I spend most of my time in yoga leggings, tank tops, and sports bras, simply throwing on fancy looking coat and boots when I leave the house so I don't look like a total scrub.  I haven't felt inspired by my closet, and I think my brain has been preoccupied with taking care of all the chores and errands that piled up the past few weeks.  Hopefully I get my groove back soon because while leggings and sports bras work well for comfort, they don't make me feel particularly inspired.  Although, I have been wearing these boots pretty much nonstop because even if the rest of my outfit is lame, they make me feel pretty great.

Despite feeling overwhelmed by everything that has happened the last month, it does feel good to knock out some big things that have been looming over my head.  Some things have been looming for many months, so taking care of them and finishing big projects has been simultaneously stressful and relieving.  I have a bottle of wine that I bought on my Winne trip at Benziger Winery in Sonoma (back in 2010!) and I've been saving it for a special occasion.  I think once our last really big project gets done (hopefully in the next few weeks!) we'll finally crack it open to celebrate.  



dress/courtesy of marshalls :: pashmina scarf/gift :: tights/target :: coat(similar)/lulu e. bebe
hat/courtesy of tittle millinery :: boots/vogue footwear