life lately

It's been getting so cold lately, it seems like fall is almost already slipping away!  Lots of trees are nearly naked, which is sad because this is my favorite time of year to take outfit photos!  I've already brought out all my winter coats, scarves, and mittens and have been using them quite frequently.  Taking Dusty on walks means bundling up these days.  I went through my cookbooks last night looking for a dessert to make and found a bunch of really great pumpkin treats, so I might try to make some and share them here on the blog.  It's not fall until you binge on pumpkin things.

Excited about: The climbing competition this weekend!  I've never done a climbing competition before, but it seems like they're pretty fun, and the one that I'll be competing in is a black light competition!  They turn off the lights and turn on black lights so all the holds turn neon, like so.  I'm resting up this week so hopefully my muscles will be all healed up and ready to climb at the comp.

Annoyed with: Dealing with bureaucracies.  We've been in a sea of signatures, forms, taxes, and inspectors these past couple weeks between all the different things going on in life, so it just feels like we're getting hit from every direction with more red tape.  Thankfully the end is in sight, so we just have to hang out for a couple more weeks.  I'm hoping the holiday season will be a time of renewal and relaxation.  Thanksgiving is so close and I'm really excited to spend the weekend with my family!

Thankful for:  Good news in the sea of stress.  It's kind of felt like every email I get is just asking for more from me or piles on more stress, so getting an email with good news was so relieving and a bit rejuvenating.  It's been one of those moments in life where you know that if you encounter someone just slightly mean or something little goes wrong you're just going to cry on the spot.  I had to swiftly leave the DMV the other day to avoid crumbling into tears in front of the lady helping me.

Playing: a ton of Magic the Gathering!  It's our guilty pleasure now.  We'll play a couple games here and there.  During breakfast, over dinner, in between errands... it's been a nice (and free!) way to hang out.

Getting into: Yoga a lot more lately.  With all the stressful situations happening, yoga has been a wonderful respite.  My climbing gym has a few yoga classes per week, and I've been trying to go to those consistently and I tried out a class at Samdhana Karana Yoga last night and enjoyed it quite a bit.  I love that yoga simultaneously pushes my body and also lets it rest.  It forces me to let go of whatever is happening in life outside the studio and only focus on strengthening and stretching myself.

Happy with: How well our home is coming along.  I pretty much have our bedroom done now, which is a room I've been excited about working on, but needed to work on the more public areas of the house first.  It's feeling pretty cozy and homey these days.  I'm proud of the work we've done on the house in under a year!


been working on pincha mayurasana every day lately // flying lizard and firefly poses
pollack at the SLAM // a favorite collection from STLFW: bluebird apparel
fall boots and porch plants // dead dusty + alive dusty
big pumpkins // little pumpkins
 Such an amazing artist. The control and finesse is just mindblowing.

 So thrilled to partner with to create a wallpaper version of my handpainted herringbone wall!


 Wise words from Bill Waterson. (and cute comic too)

 Bring on the penises, HBO

 I watched this documentary recently and it was wonderful and awful.  Wonderful that people are working to dismantle the sexism that occurs in our culture and media outlets, but awful that we have to work to dismantle in the first place.  It's on Netflix instant if you want to watch it!

 For the next time you get a text inviting you out for drinks while you're at the gym.  No need to head home to change!

 A beautiful project.  Touch is powerful, even if that's hard for someone like me to admit, as a non-touchy person.