make it work

So, this outfit was something I came up with while packing and scheming outfits for this last week in St. Louis.  The top is actually a scarf that is just tucked into my jeans, which makes it totally backless.  I second guessed my decision to wear this when I put it on before heading out, but I decided to just go for it instead of playing it safe.  Since I felt so naked with nothing on my back, I wore my favorite quartz pendant backwards.  It didn't provide coverage, per se, but it did make me feel like there was at least something back there.  Looking back, I actually ended up wearing pretty much all black and white outfits, which is out of character for me.  Usually it's prints and colors and all sorts of madness, but I liked the simple palette with a few bursts of color here and there.  So brace yourself for more black and white because apparently St. Louis sucked all the color out of me.

It's always funny to be around a group of other style bloggers.  Everyone is so, well, stylish!  There were a couple outfits that I just wanted to steal off of other girls' bodies.  Not creepy at all, nope.  Since we all traveled around in a big group, and sometimes would all file out of one big bus, we were a bit of a spectacle.  It is fun to be among bloggers, though.  Everyone understands all the idiosyncrasies and behaviors that "normal" people see as odd.  Taking photos of everything, doing outfit pictures, instagramming all the things.  It's silly, but it is nice to be around people who "get" what you're doing.  

top(scarf, similar)/gift :: jeans/courtesy of modcloth :: shoes/courtesy of lulu's
bracelet/courtesy of musana :: necklace/courtesy of adorn by sarah lewis
purse/some boutique in NYC :: photos by Jackie

Last night I discovered that there is a hole in these pants right on the butt!  I'm slightly devastated because I'd been looking for ages for high waisted black jeans and these ones fit like a dream!  It's right smack dab on the center of my butt right by the seam, so I'm not sure how I can salvage it, any sewing type folks out there have a solution?  I'd rather not have to give these up just for one small hole, but being a hole in the butt, it's not something that's easy to ignore.  I wore them home on the plane, and Dan told me there was a hole in them a few hours after I'd been home, so I'm not sure how long I was walking around with a hole in the butt of my pants.  So it goes.