OUR HOME // bathroom before + after

I'm pretty excited to share this with you guys because it's taken about ten months to finish this room, and the only reason it took that long was my crazy paint undertaking.  If I'd gone at it in one go, it probably would've only taken a week, but I started it right before my family got here to re-side the exterior.  Once we started that giant project the herringbone paint job was put on the backburner and I didn't return to it for months.  It was half done for most of this year.  I can't tell you how good it felt to put that last line up.

This before picture is a shot from the listing before we bought it.  The sad, lonely toilet plant was not my doing. I hated the blinds, mostly because they're impractical.  I never want them closed because the bathroom is so tiny that I need as much natural light as possible coming in.  But obviously I want them closed while showering so no peeping toms get a show.  I solved that problem by taking the blinds down and putting up an etched glass contact-paper-esque window covering that made it so I could have all the natural light and none of the peeping toms.

We didn't really have a place to hang towels, and there was an awkward tiny wall behind the door next to the shower which was begging for some hooks to be installed.  I didn't want to just throw up some boring old hooks so I covered the wall with reclaimed wood from pallets and then put up some natural wood hooks from Ikea.

Also from Ikea is the little cart next to our toilet and sink.  The bathroom is rather tiny and it's the only one in the house so we really needed more storage for our daily items than the little medicine cabinet behind the mirror.  It fits


between the toilet and wall and it holds everything from hair products, to spare toilet paper, to our toothbrushes, q-tips, and cotton balls.

The little vessels on top the toilet are from

Moorea Seal

!  When did her product shoot at my home back in July, my wish list grew exponentially.  I basically coveted every little thing she brought to the house to shoot.  Of course, I'd go broke if I'd


bought everything.  I settled for just a few items and this gold and black vase and feather vessel were two of the pieces I picked out.  

The photo on wood was a Christmas present from my little brother the year Dan & I got married.  He made it himself after googling tutorials and a ton of trial and error.  It's definitely one of my most treasured items.  The photos next to the window are photos I took at my grandparents' house in Juneau many years ago on my mom's old Olympus OM-1.  They've always been some of my favorite photographs, so I'm glad I finally got to display them!

I know that you guys probably don't have any desire to spend hours and hours with a tiny paintbrush replicating my herringbone wall, and the good news is... you don't have to!  I partnered with WallsNeedLove.com to create a

vinyl removable wallpaper version

based on my hand painted design!

Bathroom Before + After

Sweet, right?  All of the herringbone, none of the cramped hand and hours crammed against the wall meticulously painting hundreds of tiny lines!  Although if you're looking for a way to watch all of the seasons of Grey's Anatomy, I highly suggest going the painting route.  Because it took


seasons of Grey's to finish that project.  So, it's your choice.  Binging on Grey's and cramped, painty hands or ... binging on Grey's while... drinking wine or something.

mini feather vessel


moorea seal


black + gold vessel


moorea seal


turquoise cart



towel hooks / ikea :: wall design / handpainted (but buy the wallpaper version




+ polka dot towels /



gold towels