remixology // no. 3

It's been a while, but I'm back with another Remixology challenge!  This time I'm creating six outfits from six pieces. Since we're currently ensconced in fall, as evidenced by the leaves in these photos, this remixology is more autumnal than the last couple.  For this challenge I partnered with Mata Traders who sent over two of their new dresses for me to style up!  If you're not familiar with Mata Traders, they're a great company that sells fair trade clothing and their mission is to work with organizations that empower, employ, and educate women.  Pretty awesome!  Plus they have some very cute clothes, which is an added bonus.

The two pieces from Mata Traders are the Young Love Dress and the Moonrise Dress.

The four pieces from my closet are the zig zag cardigan, the lace top, the leather skirt, and the green cardigan.

I accessorized with a noonday collection necklace, dark green scarf, black tights, a thin white belt, a moorea seal necklace, light green scarf, b&w scarf, and white beanie.  For shoes,  I wore black studded moccasins, black booties, and knee high brown boots.

Jewel tones are usually a pretty common trend during the fall, so this dress is a perfect autumn piece.  I styled it three different ways for this challenge.  The first time I styled it with a bold cardigan and a bright infusion of color.  Definitely a more intense styling.  The second time I styled it in a more subdued way by pairing it with a lace top and simple, graphic necklace.  

This blue dress I styled two different ways, both times with cardigans but two variations.  The first look is more slouchy and casual, but with a fun, eclectic necklace for a bit of fanciness.  The second time I went for a more prim styling by buttoning up a cardigan and belting it, then adding a graphic scarf for a bold pop.  The saturated colors are definitely pretty bold and eclectic, but it's still a prim look.

For my last two looks I styled a vintage leather skirt.  The top outfit is the third styling of the Mata Traders purple dress, this time worn as a top with the skirt layered on top.  The outfit was initially a bit plain so I layered a huge scarf on top to give it some texture and color variation.  The second look styled the lace top with the leather skirt for a less bold look with basically just white and tan.  Taking style cues from Dusty's coloration, I suppose!  These last two looks are definitely the most bohemian of the six, which makes them my favorite!