STLFW // project:design!

The first day I was in town for STLFW, I flew in, got to the hotel, met my lovely roommate, and then we got ready to head out for our first night of festivities.  There was a blogger dinner planned at Basso, which was right next door to the hotel, so we grabbed a few outfit photos and then headed down for dinner.  The dinner was amazing and the restaurant was an underground, den-like venue, which made for a nice, intimate setting, despite there being about twenty of us.  It was fun meeting the group of bloggers for the first time and filling up on amazing food and drinks.  There was a happy hour planned for after dinner, but we had the option of attending the Project:Design! runway show, so Jackie and I decided to skip the happy hour and go out to the show instead.  I'm glad we did, because no one else decided to go to happy hour anyway and we ended up getting front row seats to the show!!  


You can see the collections from the show in their entirety here, but I also grabbed some shots of my own and wanted to share a few of my personal favorite looks and designers from the night.

My favorite designer from the Project:Design! show was probably Lauren Bander.  The first look with the crop top and maxi is just perfection.  The collection had a sophisticated bohemian vibe to it, just right for spring/summer.  I would totally rock that bottom look too.  So breezy and fresh.


Another favorite was Abaya Dake.  I loved his use of bright colors, geometric patterns, and the incorporation of bold, ethnic prints.  Overall, it's just a really fun collection that has a playfulness that isn't too self aware or pretentious.  



Black by Maria Silver was in my top three favorite collections.  There were fun, "fashion-y" pieces mixed with a lot of super wearable pieces.  This first look is definitely very wearable, and I'm dying over the last look.  I want that crop top like whoa, mostly because I have high waisted black jeans that would complete the look perfectly.


Which collection is your favorite? Click through for a few more collections from Project:Design!
Fouché Couture

Elise Lammert


Q Liu