textures of fall

I'm pretty excited that fall leaves have been showing up lately.  Dan and I really wanted to plant a couple trees in our front yard so we'd have our very own fall trees, but it wasn't in the cards this year.  Hopefully next year we'll get some trees in the ground so our fall yard will be pretty and colorful.  Of course, that means more chores: raking leaves.  Still, I think the fall colors are worth it and I find raking to be somewhat cathartic.

For me fall is all about plaid, flannel, and wool.  Coziness: activate!  When I saw these boots with the wool fabric, I was immediately sold.  Most of my boots have started the slow process of falling apart, so I'm glad to have a new pair.  Walking around rainy Tacoma with boots that are falling apart means wet feet.  Not my favorite.  I might try to take a couple of them to get them repaired, but some are just going to have to be retired eventually.  Or only worn on dry days.  


coat (similar)/lulu e. bebe :: top/ courtesy of free people :: jeans/courtesy of modcloth
boots/vogue footwear

Life has been a little bit crazy the past week.  Our sewer line broke, or rather disintegrated, so we've been dealing with that on top of a bunch of other "grown up" things.  I feel like life should be lived backwards so you can appreciate the carefree lifestyle of childhood.  When you're a kid you just don't realize how awesome you've got it.  No rent, no bills, no taxes, just people making you food and letting you play all the time and you get to go to school and hang out with friends... the grass is always greener I suppose.  Still, even though adulthood comes with an obnoxious amount of responsibilities, going back to being a kid would probably get old after having tasted the freedom of adulthood.  Also, I'd rather not revisit high school and hormones and that nonsense.  Sorry, John Mellencamp, but I'd rather not hold on to 16 as long as I can. 

This morning Dan and I went out for a coffee and bagels with cream cheese date for breakfast and sat outside with the crisp fall air.  It's that time when it's crisp outside, but not too frigid to be outdoors.  A steamy cup of coffee also helps.  Simple little dates like coffee and bagels are wonderful.  Some times I like getting fancy, but I'd rather spend a few dollars here and there on little dates rather than go out for an expensive fancy date.  And, really, I think I'd much rather stay in and drink fancy wine and cook steak than go out and pay quadruple the amount for the same meal.  Cooking in the kitchen together is one of our favorite things to do.  Dan's been getting quite good at cooking these days, which makes it even more enjoyable!