unexpected pleasures

I'm in St. Louis!  Remember how I was all, "I'm not going to blog!  I scheduled some stuff!" Well, I only half scheduled some stuff and since it was easier to do this outfit post than finish the post I had planned, here's an outfit from my first evening in the STL!

So far I'm really loving St. Louis Fashion week.  I'm rooming with Jackie from Living After Midnite, so we took some outfit photos before we headed next door to Basso for dinner with the blogger posse who've descended upon STLFW.  After dinner we had the option to go out for happy hour, or go watch the Project Design final fashion show, so Jackie and I decided to go to the show.  We got front row seats and had a blast watching all the new designers debuting their creative and beautiful collections.  I haven't been to a runway show since 2010, so it was fun to see one again!  Today we're going to be attending the Industry Night presentation which includes another fashion show, with designers like Eva Franco, Samantha Pleet, and more. 


top/courtesy of spotted moth :: skirt/courtesy of modcloth :: belt/hand me down
shoes/courtesy of lulu's :: necklace/courtesy of adorn by sarah lewis
bracelets/courtesy of jewelmint and musana :: flower crown/courtesy of STLFW
photos taken by Jackie
When I arrived at the hotel yesterday afternoon there was this pretty flower crown sitting on my bed, so I had to wear it.  Me?  Refuse a flower crown?  Nope.  I thought it went pretty well with my outfit anyway.  I wore almost this exact same outfit a few months ago for a party in Tacoma, but never got any photos of it, so I decided to give it a rerun for STLFW.  Pro tip: if you're going to stuff your face, consider the effect on a midriff baring outfit.  Halfway through our dinner at Basso and I was feeling a bit... turgid.  But hey, whatever.  Turgid is as turgid does, and I continued eating any way.  There was pizza, okay?  I can't say no to pizza.

Well, I'm off to go do some yoga in the park with lovely blogger ladies this morning!  Lets hope it doesn't rain!