black gold

It will never seem normal to me to head into the holiday season without snow on the ground.  I'm slowly getting used to it, but it's just never the same without big drifts of snow and days spent sledding and hot cocoa to thaw out frozen fingers.  I even miss the days of 5 hours of daylight.  So much about the holidays revolves around a snowy winter, so it's been an adjustment having a snowless holiday.  While many believe that a snowy climate limits what you can wear, I never really felt that my style was too limited by snow.  Even this outfit, with a winter coat added, would probably pass muster, though I'm sure I'd probably get some side-eyes wearing a crop top in November in Anchorage.  One trick that I use all the time for wearing tights in winter is layering them.  For a sheer tights situation, like these sheer black polka dot ones, I wear a thick, opaque nude pair of tights underneath to increase warmth.  If you have a nice, high quality pair of thick, opaque tights, you can throw them on underneath your sheer tights and it's almost the same as wearing leggings.  Tacoma's been pretty chilly these days, so I've already started using that trick.


bag + wallet/courtesy of fossil:: skirt + tights/courtesy of modcloth :: boots/target
long sheer dress + claw necklace + belt/thrifted :: top/courtesy of spotted moth 
quartz necklace/courtesy of adorn by sarah lewis :: hat/courtesy of lulu's 
triangle necklace/courtesy of moorea seal

When I chose this purse and clutch/wallet to style for this collaboration with Fossil + Lucky Magazine, I didn't plan on pairing them with such a monochromatic matching outfit, but I'm kind of in love with it!  I love a more dramatic take on the holiday "silver and gold" trend.  Even my belt buckle and the metal details on my boots match the gold.  Sometimes it's fun to put an outfit together and then realize how much matching you did subconsciously.

I used to think that I was a silver girl.  I didn't like gold jewelry, and didn't much care for the color either.  In the past year or two I've started really enjoying the look of gold in my jewelry and accessories.  I even got a gold vintage party dress that I've been wanting to wear for over a year, but I just haven't gotten around to altering it to fit!  I've been slowly adding more gold to my wardrobe and I like the diversity that it brings.  Plus, being a fan of print mixing, I'm also into mixing metals, so I can still mix in my silver jewelry too!


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