black heart

Daylight "savings" always throws me off.  It always feels like all of a sudden I'm scrambling to get all my stuff done before the sun sets and I lose my light.  All of a sudden I have to have any photography-based projects done before 4 pm.  These photos barely made it before the sun slipped below the horizon.  
It's so funny how much can change in a year.  I suppose not much has changed all that much, but I'm starting to think about my 27 before 28 goal list, and while there are definitely things I'd like to roll over from my 26 before 27 list which I haven't yet completed (hey-yo tattoo, gallery showing, and quilt), there are also some new things that I'm pretty excited about that I want to leap into.


dress/courtesy of modcloth :: quartz necklace/courtesy of adorn by sarah lewis
bone necklace/thrifted :: triangle necklace/courtesy of moorea seal :: jacket/modcloth
cuff (similar)/courtesy of lulu's :: photos by morrow studios

When I was down in St. Louis for STLFW last month I was at Neiman Marcus browsing through the makeup counters while wearing some dark lipstick, and I was looking for some really dark lipstick.  None of the makeup counter ladies really got what I was going for, and I realized that I was definitely not in the right place for something as avant garde as near-black lipstick.  Today I was inspired to figure out a way to attempt it and used some of my old MAC fluidline eyeliner to make some ombre black-to-scarlet lips, and I think it might be my new favorite thing.  I don't really feel like using eyeliner every time though, so I want to try some real black lipstick.  Does anyone have any suggestions for actual black lipstick?  I feel like it's not easy to come by, but I'm not a makeup expert by any stretch of the imagination.