i'd rather be short // a delightful giveaway

Back in August when I was at Texas Style Council, I went to a workshop led by Becky about going from blog author to book author.  I loved hearing about Becky's journey from creating a little illustration series on her blog, to transforming it into a whole illustrated book, so I'm really excited to be able to share her little book, published and all!  As a short person myself (I hit 5'2" on a tall day), I loved all of Becky's little illustrations of situations that are all too familiar to me.  It's awesome to have a little manifesto for us shorties, and to be able to share the short-person pride!  You don't have to be short to love the book, though I'm sure it helps!


Today I've partnered up with Becky to give away one copy of I'd Rather Be Short: 100 Reasons Why It's Great to be Small to a lucky winner! You can also check out Becky's website, Chipper Things, for more awesomeness from her.

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