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Our living room is one of my


rooms in the house.  It took a while to finish because we needed some different furniture than what was in our old home's teeny tiny living room.  Living room furniture can be big and expensive, so we took a while finding some deals and slowly put things together.  We found our couch on Craigslist, and it was a like-new Ikea couch that was used as a staging couch, so it had basically never been used!  The other chairs in the room are all thrifted and the coffee table is a DIY, which I shared



I put up the bunting for our housewarming party almost a year ago and I've never taken it down, though I've been thinking about painting the ceiling a fun color, so it may come down.  I'm so used to it now, I don't even notice it!  And I've already basically killed my houseplant, so it might be a better idea to get a faux plant for that corner.  Dan is trying to nurse it back to health in his study for the time being.  I'm not sure why I thought I could keep a houseplant alive.  Ain't nobody got time for that.  It's my fault for putting it in a hard-to-water corner.  Don't let these photos fool you.  These days almost all but two or three fronds are completely crunchy, brown, and dead.

A few more globes from my collection live in the living room and the stacks of vintage books are from my mom.  She works in a school library and whenever they give away old versions of books, she picks the ones with cool vintage patterns on the cover and sends them to me.  

I knew that if I had a big wall available, I wanted to do a gallery wall.  It's not too big yet, and half of the prints are my own, but eventually I'd love to have a bigger and better gallery wall!  I've been wanting to put a huge shelving unit on that wall, so I may even move the gallery wall into the corner and include the Back to the Future print!  

I haven't been able to spend a lot of time in this room since we got Dusty because she didn't quite grasp that the rug was not an acceptable place for her to pee.  I think she's finally figured it out (crossing fingers) and recently I've been enjoying reading on the couch with her curled up next to me.

couch/ikea (via craigslist) :: pillows + rug + side tables + sheepskin + curtains/ikea 

lamps + woven tray/target :: chairs + globes+ chevron throw/thrifted

glass diamond


moorea seal

 :: coffee table + bunting/diy