the simple life

Two years ago I was putting on a white dress, strapping a veil to my head, taking a deep breath and walking down an aisle towards a man I was choosing to walk alongside for the rest of my life.  It's only been two years of "the rest of my life" but I couldn't have asked for a better start.  We spent the last two days exploring our city with the eyes of a tourist, visiting museums, the zoo, restaurants, and more.  It was fun staying home, but experiencing it from a new perspective.  

Today we're chilling out at home.  I'm sipping on a hot cup of coffee while Dan concocts some sort of breakfast smorgasboard and a tiny corgi meanders around the kitchen, trying to find dropped crumbs to vacuum up.  Maybe we'll go climbing later, pick up some new Magic cards to play with, or stop by the store for some ingredients for a fancy-ish dinner.  But it doesn't really matter what we do, because we could be doing anything, and I would be happy that the person doing it next to me is Dan.  

photos by arrow & apple