tis the season!

One of my favorite things about the holidays is all the excuses to wear fun party dresses! Holiday parties are like the homecoming dances of adulthood, except now it's totally legal to spike the punch.   For those of you looking for a holiday dress to look smashing in this holiday season, whether you're impressing your to-be mother-in-law at Thanksgiving, or wanting to look like a bombshell at your new years eve party, you're in luck!  ModCloth has a party dress sale going on today through Wednesday!  Get 20% off any dress in ModCloth's party dress category!  I can never decide what kind of look I want to go with when it comes to getting fancy, so I chose a few of my favorite dresses in different styles.  What's your favorite holiday dress style? Stick with the tried and true holiday hues?  Glimmer in gold and silver?  Or do you like getting a little dark and dramatic with your holiday frocks?   Of this group, I think my absolute favorite is #4!   I'm not usually a gold dress kind of girl, but that one is just all kinds of amazing.
Holiday Dresses
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Holiday Dress Sale