potato stamped wrapping paper

I bought a couple rolls of Kraft paper last week because I planned on hand stamping it and using it as wrapping paper.  I wasn't sure how I wanted to stamp, at the time, but I figured I'd figure it out later.  I'd stamped paper with a pencil eraser in the past to create mini polka dots, but that was more time consuming than I wanted, since I'd be needing to wrap multiple gifts.  I remembered making potato stamps back in the day, and thought I'd see if that worked, and it did!  I haven't done potato stamping since elementary school, but I love it!  it worked perfectly for my wrapping paper. 

I just used a little potato and cut a triangle into it.  I think that simple shapes would probably work best for potato printing, but if you want to go crazy with it, I'm not going to stop you.  Little simple Christmas trees would be super easy to cut into a potato as a stamp.  I used a stamp ink pad to do my stamping, but acrylic paint would probably also do the job, though it might cause the paper to wrinkle, since paint is wet and may cause the paper to warp when it dries.

Since the paper is simple, I kept the bow simple and just used baker's twine and tied on a sprig of evergreen for color!