getting out

Yesterday Dusty went in to get spayed, which meant that I had the whole day to myself.  I used to spent tons of time alone, working at coffee shops, going wherever I wanted, but since getting Dusty I've spent most of my time at home.  When we first got her I didn't leave her for more than a couple hours alone, and now I usually try to not leave her for more than five or six hours.  Not wanting to leave Dusty for too long, plus my laptop being slow as molasses, meant that my days of working at coffee shops pretty much disappeared completely.  I do miss getting out of the house to do my work, and I wonder if my lack of inspiration these days is linked to a sort of cabin fever.  One of the biggest challenges when it comes to working from home is keeping motivated and inspired.

This graffiti garage is one of those inspirational Tacoma places, but it's been slated to be removed someday soon.  It used to be a legal place to do graffiti art, but they announced last year that it would no longer be a place where graffiti artists could freely paint.  I keep expecting to drive by and see it white washed, but so far that hasn't been the case.  I'm not sure if the property owner decided not to go through with it or what, but the walls are still saturated with tags and creations from graffiti artists.  Any Tacoma people know what the deal is with the Garages?  I was so sad to hear they weren't going to allow graffiti art any longer as it's one of my favorite places for photos!

Anyway, getting out of the house and into the crisp fresh air felt good.  The sun came out briefly and even though it was pretty chilly and windy, it wasn't too bad inside the garages hidden from the windchill.


top/the great pnw :: jacket/modcloth :: boots/target :: skirt/courtesy of modcloth
necklaces/courtesy of adorn by sarah lewis

I think I've worn this jacket in every outfit post this month, just about.  I'd had it on my wish list for months, and I finally caved when it went on sale, and holy cow was it a good investment.  It's one of the most worn things I own these days!  Plus, every single time I wear it someone compliments it or comments on how much they want one.  I'm so glad I finally gave in and snagged it!   It's one of those things that instantly makes me feel ten times more bad ass when I put it on, which is a win in my book.  So if you're tired of seeing it, too bad.