girl on fire

Today was the day.  The Christmas tree finally came down.  Only 10 days into January, that's not bad, right?  With the tree gone I started mentally rearranging the room, which then spilled over into rearranging the kitchen which turned into giving our kitchen table to Goodwill.  So for now our kitchen is rather empty, but I've got ideas people, ideas.  I've got the DIY bug about building a rolling island, and creating a breakfast lounge nook, so we'll see how long that takes.  For now I have a ton of room to work out in the kitchen.  Of course it doesn't matter how much room I have because Dusty will lay down on the middle of my yoga mat regardless of how much room is available elsewhere.  I like to think of it as an added challenge.  I do hurdle jumps over her, so she's basically a tiny, much cuter Shaun T.

dress/courtesy of mata traders :: jacket/modcloth :: scarf/courtesy of earthquake state
tights(similar)/h&m :: shoes/seychelles courtesy of modcloth :: photos by Dan