OUR HOME // bedroom tour

Let's get 2014 started, shall we?  

I've finally finished up decorating our bedroom, and it's probably my favorite room in the house now.  I wanted something rustic and masculine, super cozy and warm.  When I found the wood panel removable wallpaper on


I knew it'd be the perfect base for a warm and rustic room, and also would be easy to change if I ever wanted to go in a different direction in the future.  As with the entire house, this room was painted beige, so adding the wall paper added a ton of drama and warmth.  I wasn't really worried with the room being too dark, since we don't spend a lot of time in our bedroom during the day, so I decided to paint the other walls dark charcoal, actually the exact same color as the exterior.  I wanted to keep a bit of texture and variation in there, though, so I only painted one coat and brushed it on freestyle with a large, coarse paintbrush.  I


love the effect this created.

One of my favorite things in the room is the rug on the stairs.  I have a similar rug that I got a few years ago, and I went back to the same roadside shop and got this one over Thanksgiving weekend.  The stairs look like the used to be carpeted and are just plywood with paint, so they're pretty boring and basic.  I took some small nails and carefully nailed the rug down so it wouldn't move.  In retrospect I think I might've glued it down first as well, but we'll see how well it holds up and if it ends up moving or the nails rip out.  It was a fun way to quickly and easily transform a boring set of stairs, though!

The green leafy wall decor is actually something that has been in our family for a while.  There are family photos of my mom as a little kid with it hanging over the couch behind them.  It's a set of two, and I have one and my mom has the other, I think it's hanging over her bed.  It's one of my favorite family heirlooms.  

Dan and I were kind of appalled at how expensive bedside tables were, even at Ikea!  We needed something, though, to put our phones and books on, so we found these TV trays at Target, I think they were like 9 bucks, and have been using them.  Since they don't have any storage I put a box and a basket under mine to hold books and other things.

The "sconces" sitting on top our headboard are actually just little table lamps that used to sit on our bedside tables, but they took up a lot of room.  Once I put the pallets up as our headboard I realized that they could easily sit right on top of the pallets!  I love their warm glow and they're just right for laying in bed and reading a book.

I liked the pallets on their own, but they felt a little plain, so I dug out some of our old wedding decor and put up this little tassel garland I made a couple years ago.  It's a little bit feminine, but not so much that it throws off the vibe of the room.  There are a lot of geometric shapes in the room, so the tassels soften it up a bit.

For a while I couldn't decide what to put on the "wood" wall, but after thinking about it I figured a collage would work perfectly.  I didn't have a place for our hand painted portraits and a lot of other more rustic art that we have, since the rest of the house had a bit more of a modern and graphic feel.  Everything on the wall is either hand made, thrifted, or is something handed down from family.  The 3D topographic map is a kitschy little frame we snagged from Dan's parents' house when they were moving.  It's a map of Mt. Rainier, and since we went up there for our honeymoon I put photos from our honeymoon, engagement, and wedding in the four little photo frames.  

Dusty decided she wanted to be in photos and snuggled on the rug almost the whole time I took photos.  She's a fan of fuzzy things and has claimed this rug as her personal bed.

I've tried to itemize as many things in the room as I could at the bottom of this post!



urban outfitters


metal basket

/fred meyer

nightstand (tv tray) + wood cake stand + wood tray on nightstand/


sheepskin rug + curtains + pillowcase + woven box under nightstand /ikea 

iphone charger stand + wood sconces/modcloth :: 

sketched pillow


karli ingersoll

diamond terrarium


black/bronze vase


feather vessel

/moorea seal

leaf wall hanging/vintage family heirloom :: chair/found on side of road

rug on stairs + dream catcher/roadside shop near Sequim

all other wall hangings/handmade, thrifted, or family heirloom

removable wood wallpaper

/courtesy of