house and home

They say you don't know what you've got till it's gone, and I definitely feel that way about snow.  Since I went to college in Washington on the east side of the state, I don't think I realized that the west side rarely got snow.  Winters in Spokane were a bit shorter than those in Anchorage, but they still got plenty of snow and familiar frozen temperatures.  Since moving to Tacoma three years ago I've seen about five days of snow on the ground, total.  Even though snow means it's pretty cold outside, I think snowy outfit photos have always been some of my favorites.  I only managed to get one outfit session in before the snow melted away the next day, unfortunately.

I found a couple amazing macrame hanging plant holders the other day and decided to grab some plant friends at Home Depot to hang in the living room.  I hung them from the cabinet over the kitchen sink while I was working on drilling hooks into the ceiling and I was blown away by how those two plants completely transformed the kitchen.  It was one of those turning-a-house-into-a-home type revelations.  I've never been a houseplant person, and truth be told I already completely killed the beautiful palm fronds that were in my living room corner, but I was so struck by how much those few plants brought the whole room together I'm determined to keep them alive.  I was so sad to not have a hanging plant over the kitchen sink anymore after I moved the two into the living room that I went back to Home Depot and bought one just for over the sink.  Maybe it's because it's just so damn grey and dismal in the winters here in Tacoma that I was struck by their home-making effect even more so than I would be in summer.  Having those little bits of life surrounding me feels so lovely and refreshing.  I also bought a few succulents and they are happily hanging out on my windowsill, soaking up any sun rays the Pacific Northwest offers.


dress/cosette :: coat (similar)/coldwater creek :: mittens/the north face
boots/vogue footwear :: amethyst necklace/handmade :: belt/thrifted
shell necklace/courtesy of adorn by sarah lewis :: tights/ courtesy of the stylish fox