the doldrums

I'm sitting at our kitchen table, with a cup of french press warming my palm and a fuzzy pup at my feet this morning feeling very full of encouragement and excitement. Life is so strange in its ebbs and flows, waxing and waning. I'll be stuck in the doldrums, caught swirling in an eddy, and then some current will come in and propel me back into the flow. It's important to remember that there's not always anything you can do to avoid getting stuck. Sometimes life just slows its pace around you and there's nothing you can do to change that. The only thing you have control of is your own response, but sometimes even that can feel uncontrollable. As a controlling person, it's hard to let life just have it's ups and downs without feeling like I've failed in some way during the down times. It's easy to think that I'm just not working hard enough, or doing enough, or being enough, and that's why things are so slow and I feel uninspired. Slow happens. It's okay.

I'm excited to work on a few new projects and do more with local creatives. Working alone for so long can make it easy to get stuck in uninspired ruts, but being around other creative people with their juices flowing helps reignite my own hibernating creativity. I'm also thinking of painting my living room and just going bold and drastic rather than mellow. Working from home means that being in the same space day in and day out can get boring and repetitive. Even just rearranging a room can breathe new life into routine. Once things start to warm up I'm going to begin transforming our front yard into a food garden, too! I'm ready for spring to hit with all it's transformative energy!


dress/courtesy of modcloth :: shoes(similar)/courtesy of blowfish :: cardigan(similar)/thrifted
long necklace/courtesy of adorn by sarah lewis :: short necklace/local craft fair
head chain/converted necklace (gift) :: photos by Dan