BACK TO BASICS // black tee one

The last few months have turned me into a lazy bones in terms of putting on clothes.  Since I spend a lot of time at home I lost the feeling of wanting to get dressed, instead opting for throwing on a pair of leggings crumpled up next to the bed and spending the day working on the computer never to see the general public.  Now that I feel spring coming, I sort of want to shift gears and get back into the habit of putting on outfits and maybe even leaving the house.  I thought I'd force myself into this by starting a series.  I love being forced to be creative, like with my remixology posts, so for this month long challenge I'm going to try to work with just the basics.  Five outfits styled around a basic black tee, five around skinny jeans, five around a black dress, and for the last week I want you guys to let me know what basic wardrobe item you'd like to see styled into 5 outfits!

I've never been good at "basics."  I've always gone straight for the wacky stuff, or the more bold items.  I'm sure basics mean different things to different people, too.  For someone who works in an office, maybe slacks, a dress shirt, and a pencil skirt are great basics.  For a student, jeans, a floral dress, and fun tee might be staples.  This is partly why I couldn't decide on a fourth basic item to style.  I thought maybe a floral dress, maybe a chambray button down shirt, maybe a neutral sweater?  But I figured I'd throw it out to you guys, since I also want this series to be something that is interesting and helpful for you guys!

For this first black tee outfit, I fancied things up a bit by adding a cute floral blazer and statement necklace.  I'm not an expert on work-wear, especially in an office setting, but this outfit reminded me of a business-casual type of look for creative work environments.  I haven't worn this blazer in over a year, but after wearing it once I'm starting to get a few ideas for future outfits!  I love how something can sit in my closet for a while, unworn, and then catch my eye and become inspiring again.

tee (similar)/thrifted :: blazer (similarsimilar) + jeans/courtesy of modcloth
boots/lulu e bebe :: necklace/courtesy of noonday collection :: photos by Dan