choosing to leap

I've been becoming more and more of a neo-hippie over the last few years and I think it might be manifesting in my clothing choices now.  One of my favorite things about personal style is that it's constantly changing with me.  I think a lot of people think that fashion is serious, but for me clothing is almost always a way for me to play.  Playing with shapes, proportions, patterns, colors.  Playing with how I feel that day, how it wants to manifest in what I put on my body to express those feelings.  
I've been thinking a lot about where I want to go next, not necessarily physically because even though I'd love nothing more than to hop back in the Winne and drive into the sunset, we've built a little homestead here and at least for now I've planted some roots.  I feel like the last big passion project I embarked on was my Winne trip, though.  I've been bobbing around, trying this and that, but never diving into anything headfirst with reckless abandon.  In many ways I feel like I'm probably afraid of failing, but I also don't know if I've felt the same draw to anything else like I did with the Brave trip.  What do I jump into next?  I've been standing on the edge of the cliff seeing different places to leap, but never feeling certain enough, or brave enough to close my eyes let my toes release from the precipice.  What's next?  I walk up to a cliff, look out into its void, and I can't decide if it's a void I want to commit to, and wander off to the next cliff to see if it stirs some passion in my soul.  

I'm afraid that I'll spend the rest of my life wandering from cliff to cliff, never releasing into the unknown.  I'm afraid that I'll leap off a cliff, thinking it will suit me, only to find out halfway down that I'd really had rather not leapt.  

top/vintage :: pants/courtesy of modcloth :: hat/courtesy of tittle millinery
necklaces/courtesy of adorn by sarah lewis + via craft fair