diy boho braided headband

I saw something like this headband in an ad in a magazine this last week and figured it'd be a super easy DIY.  It's been a while since I had fun making something on the fly.  It only took about ten minutes and the end result reminds me of the hair wrap I put in a few years ago, but less permanent.  I made a similar braided headband for the Blacklight Bouldering Competition I did last October made out of fluorescent colored t-shirts, following this tutorial.  

I haven't been doing much in the way of DIY posts or recipes these past few months and I'm blaming the weather.  The weather this week has been incredibly springy and my motivation has gone through the roof.  I downloaded a ton of new apps to (hopefully) help my productivity, started painting the living room, cleaned up my garden beds and got rid of our old christmas tree finally, and even Dan caught the bug and cleaned and organized our entire garage.  I'm telling you, sunshine has to be some kind of productivity drug. I need that stuff directly injected into my blood stream every morning.  I'd rule the world.

What you'll need:
Strips of t-shirt
Any adornments you want to add: feathers, wooden beads, embroidery floss, etc. 
I used three different colored strips of fabric.  I had a few old t-shirts laying around and just cut the bottom hem off and used a strip of the bottom of each.  I found that the length of strip created out of the bottom circumference of the shirts turned out to be the perfect length for the headband.
Tie one end of the three strips together and braid the three strands together tightly.  Tie the other end together so both ends are secure.  If you are putting beads on the dangling ends of your headband, you'll want to string them on before you tie the last knot.

Wrap the band around your head so it fits comfortably with the two ends dangling loose.  Once you know how long the band needs to be, tie the headband there.  I used a spare strand of fabric to secure them together instead of tying the headband itself because I felt like it would lay flat better that way, but you can tie the band in a knot too.
Adorn your headband however you'd like!  I put a couple feathers in mine by weaving the end of the feather back into the braid and then securing it with fabric glue.