It seems like one of the first things that happens once I get a new dress is that I remix it with this plaid top.  I've probably worn this top with nearly everything in my closet by now.  It's starting to wear down a little bit and I should probably start a quest to find a replacement for the inevitable day that I'll have to retire this one.  I actually brought tights to wear with this ensemble but it turned out to be warm enough to go tights-less.  Of course after the sun set the temperatures dropped and I was rather chilly walking downtown, so I won't make that mistake again.
It's been wonderful being home.  Today my mom and I went to get pedicures (a treat!  I never get my nails done), and in a few minutes we're going to yoga together at a studio we've never been to here in Anchorage!  My parents just got back from vacation and my mom did yoga nearly every day there, so it'll be fun to do it with her!  I haven't done yoga in over a week so I'm glad to have a chance to get in some mat time before getting back to my normal routine back in Tacoma.
As for the Iditarod, I've taken about 2,000 photos so far and my laptop is painfully slow at editing photos, so it might be a few days before I can share some, but it was so much fun to get out there again and experience something that was such a huge part of my childhood.  I got so nostalgic and a little verklempt more than a few times.  I've also been able to catch up with some friends that I haven't seen in a while, so that was also wonderful.  Coming home is such a breath of fresh air!

dress/courtesy of modcloth :: boots(similar)/target :: shirt/courtesy of free people
bullet necklace/local craft fair :: long necklace/courtesy of adorn by sarah lewis