those anarcho punks are mysterious

Tomorrow Dan and I are headed to an Against Me! show and as I walked Dusty yesterday I was reminiscing about the last time we went to an Against Me! show together back in 2007.  For a second I thought that my math had to be wrong.  It couldn't have been seven years since then, but yes, 7+7=14.  Seven years ago we met up in Seattle to see Against Me!  20-year-old versions of us.  Dan with his scruffy hair and me with my rainbow streak.  He was my best friend and I was hopelessly in love with him.  We were both still in the process of becoming the people who'd eventually promise their lives to one another.  It would be three years before we found ourselves gravitating towards one another, thousands of miles apart, talking on the phone, texting, and facebooking.  It's a little bizarre to me to think that we've already been in one another's lives for almost 9 years.  Has it really been that long?  From the moment I met Dan he's been one of my favorite humans and I can't begin to express how thankful I am that I get to share my life with him.

It's fun getting to see a band that so permeated the beginning of our friendship.  Dan was the one who introduced me to Against Me! and hearing those old albums takes me right back to freshman year of college.  Against Me! has changed over the years and so have we, but I'm so excited that we get to go see them again.  And this time I can totally make out with Dan after the show.