BACK TO BASICS // black dress one

A new week, a new basic to remix!  This week I'll be remixing a basic black dress.  Of course you can't really see the top of the dress in these photos, since I styled a top over it, but it's just a simple tank-top style sleeveless dress with a bit of volume at the bottom.  I'm pretty sure I've only worn this dress once in the entire time I've had it, which is at least two years.  I found it at the thrift store and thought it was really cute, but then it ended up being one of those things I just couldn't get inspired to wear.  So this week will be good to bring it out and give it some well deserved attention.  I believe it's originally from H&M, but it's a pretty standard black dress.

This first look is a bit more eclectic and colorful.  Today has been the hottest day of the year so far (my phone says it's 70ºF!), so bright colors and heart shaped sunglasses felt appropriate.  I probably could've done without the cardigan, even, but I loved the color and it helped when I was in the shade and caught a breeze.  

Well, it's the most beautiful day I've seen in months so I'm gonna hop off the computer and soak in some rays while I still can.  Happy Monday, y'all!

dress(similar)+ top(similar)/thrifted :: necklace/courtesy of noonday collection
shades(similar)/gift :: shoes(similar)/courtesy of blowfish shoes :: cardigan(similar)/gap