BACK TO BASICS // jeans five

Straight hair, whuuuuut?  It only happens two to three times a year, mostly because it's a huge pain in the ass, but it's always fun to look different and see how long my hair "really" is.  I've been growing my bangs out for what feels like forever and I can't believe they're below my chin now!  They still haven't gotten quite past that stage where they keep falling in my face, but I'm almost there!  Someday I'll go back to the fringe, but for now I'm enjoying being able to throw my hair in a bun and have all my hair out of my face, which is nice for summer.
I straightened my hair while Dan was at work and when he came home he was surprised to see me sans my usual mane.  For some reason he said it made me look like I did back in college, which is odd because I didn't straighten my hair any more frequently back then.  I do remember one day when I straightened my hair, though, freshman year.  I remember because he told me he liked my hair and I had all those feels because I liked him.  It is pretty odd to see me with straight hair, so I'm sure he just noted it because it was rather different from my typical 'do.  It's almost not even worth the time and effort to straighten my hair this time of year, though, because I can't go outside when it's raining unless I want it to turn curly again, and the weather goes from blazing sun to dreary downpour at the drop of a hat these days.  Curly girls, I know you feel me.  It's obnoxious, right?

Luckily it was super sunny yesterday and we got so much done outside.  We cut down the tree in our backyard in order to give the Winne her very own special spot with full hook ups and all!  It feels pretty spacious back there at the moment, but soon it will be full of Winne.  I can't believe how productive and refreshed I feel when it's sunny and warm outside.  I feel like the sun just infuses me with a shot of pure life.  I haven't felt that productive in weeks.


top/forever 21 :: cardigan/gap :: jeans/courtesy of modcloth :: scarf/rungolee
glasses/courtesy of bonlook :: shoes/courtesy of baliELF
This is the last of the Back to Basics jeans outfits!  I have one more set left and I'll be styling a denim/chambray button down top five ways next week.  I used to have one but I think it made it's way to goodwill, so I went thrifting this week to find a suitable top to remix and found the perfect one.  It's been a long time since I had a top like that, so I'm excited to style it up a few ways!