BACK TO BASICS // jeans four

It's funny how one day I can do something crazy like get on stage in front of nearly 1000 people, and then the next day I go to do something new and still get anxious.  On Wednesday I decided to go to a ballet class after being encouraged by my choreographer to do it.  I'd done ballet in college, but hadn't been to a class in probably seven years, and I'm certainly not a "dancer."  I didn't grow up dancing and don't have that base of knowledge and muscle memory.  Being a perfectionist and competitive, being bad at things, especially in a group setting, is one of my least favorite things.  But there I was in a group of adults, some of whom have clearly danced since they could walk,  some much older and decidedly uncoordinated, and then there I was.  Standing at the barre slightly freaking out about what I had decided to put myself through.  I had a sprained big toe and couldn't even get up on relevé , and I probably shouldn't have gone, to let my toe heal, but I didn't want to use it as an excuse.  I sat out on half of it because I physically couldn't do it with my hurt foot, but I went.  I dragged my ass out of bed on a wednesday morning, put on some tights and ballet flats and put myself in a situation that was well out of my comfort zone.  I'm not sure when I'll go next, but I bought a 10 class punch card (in some sort of overconfident, enthusiastic haze), so I have to go back.  


top/courtesy of marshalls :: jeans + cardigan/courtesy of modcloth
necklace/handmade :: hat/courtesy of tittle millinery

Ok so this is a sort of cheating outfit.  It's pretty much identical to an outfit I wore before, but I wanted to try it out with wide leg jeans instead of skinnies.  A while back I saw Kendi wear a gorgeous outfit with a flowing white top and wide legged jeans and I wanted to replicate it but the only flowing top I have is this cardigan, so for now it'll have to do.  Someday I'll find the perfect flowy white top to go with it.  Time to start scouring thrift stores!