BACK TO BASICS // jeans one

On Saturday I take the stage for the grand Adventures in Oz production.  I haven't had the butterflies hit yet, but I'm sure in those moments before, standing in the wings, I'll get that rush.  It's been a while since I took the stage for a performance, but more than anything I'm feeling excited.  I love the whole process.  The transformation from normal person, getting done up in hair and make up, putting on a costume, and then taking the stage as someone else.  As a kid I'd wrangled my siblings and our neighbor's kids into learning and performing Cats, yes that Cats, for our very patient parents.  For years.  We even had seasons.  Summers were for playing outside, but once fall hit, we started rehearsing and making costumes and creating set pieces for our "stage."  I knew all the words and dance moves to every song.  I can still probably sing all of the songs.  I suppose it's a good drunken party trick nowadays.  I was particularly drawn to Bombalurina, and performing her sexy number was my favorite, probably a gateway drug to burlesque, I suppose!  


top(similar) + jeans + blazer(similar + similar)/courtesy of modcloth 
necklace/courtesy of noonday collection :: glasses/courtesy of bonlook
bag(similar)/courtesy of fossil :: shoes/courtesy of baliELF 

This outfit is just a slightly more fancy version of the first outfit in the back to basics series.  I'm unintentionally also remixing this blazer a ton during this series as well.  It's not really a standard basic, though a good blazer is definitely a solid basic.  I used to have a basic blazer but I don't know where it ended up.  I actually really like getting little boys' blazers from the thrift stores.  Their arms are too short, but I always roll up the sleeves anyway.  I love them because the fit is a little slimmer and they're slightly shorter.