BACK TO BASICS // denim top five

Yesterday I was chatting with a friend about how crazy it is that we've been on Facebook for almost 10 years.  September 20, 2005 is when I signed up for Facebook, back in the days when you had to have a college email address in order to get an account.  I guess it's not all that weird that my life is documented on Facebook, since I've also been documenting my life on this blog for nearly six years as well.  It's still funny to look back and see who I used to be all those years ago.  I remember thinking how grown up I felt, as a freshman in college, and looking back I feel like I was so young.  My little brother is now going into his junior year in college, I'm rapidly approaching 30, how is time going so fast?  It's honestly a little disconcerting.  

I need to stop putting things off, thinking, "Oh, I'll have time to do that later."  Next thing I know I'll probably be celebrating my 30th birthday and wondering how I've been on this planet for three decades already.  I know thirty isn't a huge deal, but it does feel like one of those birthdays where you're like, well damn.  I guess I'm like really an adult or something, right?  One year from today it'll have been ten years since I graduated high school, and I'm realizing that I have stuff I want to do that I've been putting off for years.  Goals I've been secretly holding onto, but never diving in and just going for.  And here we are, already almost halfway through another year.  I'm done with the excuses, it's time to dive in, man.  It's time to make it happen and chase dreams even if they scare me a little or if that voice in the pit of my stomach says, "I don't know if you have what it takes, I don't think you can do it."


top (similar)/thrifted :: skirt (similar)/courtesy of superstition vintage 
petticoat/courtesy of modcloth
shoes(similar)/courtesy of seychelles :: hat/courtesy of lulu's