BACK TO BASICS // denim top three

I was watching a show the other day, I think it was Parenthood, where someone said that classic line, "senior year of high school!  It's gonna be the best year of our lives!" and I rolled my eyes and laughed.  I feel like the only time I ever hear that is in TV shows.  Because no year in high school is the best year of your life.  I mean, talk about peaking too soon.  Not to say that high school has to be the worst years of your life, though oftentimes it seems like it turns out that way.  I liked high school just fine, but I much prefer my mid 20's to high school.  Is anyone's best years of their lives really high school?  It's more likely that it's most everyone's most awkward years, trying to navigate social circles, romance, and education with a brain that is only partially developed and hormones holding your emotions captive.

Every stage in life has it's best and worst years.  There were "best" years in high school and "worst," just like there have been best and worst years in my 20s, and I'm sure there will be in the decades to come.  2009 was particularly rough, but 2010 kicked serious ass.  I'm pretty positive my hardest moments in life have yet to be lived, but also firmly believe that the most incredible also lay on the horizon as well.  


top(similar) + overalls(similar)/thrifted :: shoes(similar)/courtesy of modcloth