fields of poppies

So, a few months ago I applied for a stall at my local farmer's market to sell cute homemade artwork and home goods.  I had been waiting to hear back on the approval, and didn't receive an email with any kind of green light so I figured I hadn't been approved and let it go.  This morning I got an email asking if I was planning on showing up to the market, and learned that apparently I had been approved.  The market has been going on for two weeks already and I've missed the first two already!  So in the next 24 hours I have to get my shit together to sell at the Tuesday farmer's market.  Nothing like a last minute deadline to kick my ass into gear, right?  Oh man.  I'm only freaking out a little bit.  Okay maybe a lot.

This is the dress I mentioned in my last post, the "Wizard of Awesome" dress.  Awesome indeed.  I'm currently slightly obsessed with the giant petticoat underneath the skirt and have been scouring my closet for other dresses and skirts I can wear with it.  It's sort of amazing to me that women used to wear these giant petticoats on the regular.  I don't think I'll be pulling it out too frequently, but it certainly is rather fun now and then.  One thing I've learned?  It's kind of hilarious to drive a car with a huge petticoat.  And squeezing into a booth at a restaurant?  Also humorous.  This outfit it a little fancier than my norm, but I wore it out to a cabaret burlesque show, and the dress code read "dress to impress," so I figured poppies and a giant petticoat were certainly in order.  I couldn't find a yellow brick road for my outfit photos, but I figured a field of yellow blooms with a brick building in the background would suffice.


dress + petticoat/courtesy of modcloth :: shoes(similar)/courtesy of blowfish shoes
shades(similar)/gift :: photos by Dan