fresh flowers

So, I'm cheating on my Back to Basics series for this one (though I only have two more outfits left in that series!).  I got this dress, which is actually a sheer nightgown over a black slip, planning on wearing it as a dress.  I've been really wanting a light, lace-y summer maxi, and when I saw this nightgown I figured I could make something work with a nude slip underneath.  I haven't found the right nude slip yet, but I had this black one and thought I'd see how it looked. I love how it really brings out the floral pattern and it gives it a darker, more moody feel.  
On Saturday we went to the farmer's market and I decided I was going to get myself a bouquet of flowers to have in the house.  What I'd forgotten was that it was Mother's Day on Sunday and every single flower vendor was frantically trying to make bouquets for the throngs of people getting a bouquet for mom.  I got a little sad because I can't get a bouquet of fresh farmer's market blooms for my mom (well, I could but I think they'd be wilted by the time they made it to Alaska). I looked up some flower shops in Anchorage to see if they had anything I could get delivered to her, but none of the bouquets were half as beautiful as the ones I see at the farmers market.  My little brother was in town, though, and he got her some roses, so at least she got some flowers from one of her kids.  Well played, brother.  Though he was the only one of three kids who was actually in the same city as her on Mother's Day.  I've still got the bug for fresh flowers so maybe I'll grab some at the farmer's market today, now that the big flower rush is over.  Did you guys do anything special for your moms on mother's day?  I look forward to the day I live in the same town as my mom again.  I'd love to stand in line at the farmer's market to get her flowers, take her out to brunch, and hang out with her in person on mother's day.  Someday!

dress(nightgown)/courtesy of modcloth :: bracelet/courtesy of lulu's
 amethyst necklace/handmade :: black slip + sheer top + hat(similar) + shoes/thrifted
shell necklace/courtesy of adorn by sarah lewis