A few years ago when I first had transitioned from my natural dark hair to being a redhead I bought this black wig in order to quell my desire to go dark again.  Wearing orange while having red hair feels a little bit clashy so I was inspired to drag out the wig for this look to give it some contrast.  The white and orange dress is such a bold, graphic look, so I felt like I needed some contrast with my hair.  I love having the option of wearing a wig.  Now that I've been doing more burlesque and stage performance stuff lately I've been inspired by stage hair and make up.  I haven't worn my pink wig in a long time, but I think it needs to make an appearance.  I love that wigs and make up give you the option for more dramatic transformation without needing to do something permanent.  It's fun to be able to play around with your appearance without the threat of permanency.  Now that I'm delving into stage performance and burlesque, I've decided that I need like ten more wigs and way more fun colors of make up. 

After I took these photos and was looking at them, I felt like the were very Roy Lichtenstein.  I did my senior thesis paper on pop art, so I have soft spot in my artist's heart for Pop Art.  Lichtenstein was never my favorite artist, but I do like his work quite a bit.  Still I think my favorite period of art is between the 40's and 70's.  I have two artists in me, one that adores a graphic, bold, pop art look, and one that is very maximalist, hippie, bohemian, and natural.  I think my personal style also tends to alternate between those two extremes.  Part of me wishes I could go "all in" with one style, but I love being able to pick and choose which style I want to express on any given day, whether it's with artwork or personal style.


dress + shoes(similar)/courtesy of modcloth :: necklace(similar)/francesca's collection 
shades(similar)/courtesy of lulu's :: photos by Dan