summer swimsuit wishlist

This time of year is hard because I'm like so ready for summer to be here but we're stuck in that half amazing weather, half gross weather season.  After a friend mentioned looking for suggestions for cute swimsuits, it got me window shopping for a new suit.  I only wear a swim suit like once a year, but that doesn't keep me from wanting to buy all the swimsuits.  This polka dot bikini was seriously probably the best swimsuit buy I ever made.  I thought I lost the top last year and thought about buying another, but luckily I found it hiding in the Winne.  Phew!  I should probably buy another one just as a back-up, that's how much I love it.  I was going to try to pick a favorite suit from this list, but I just like them all for so many different reasons.  One that I did feel like needed to be on my body immediately, though, is the velvet leopard print one.  Also, that hat. 

I feel like most bikini/swimsuit posts tend to reference the simultaneous feeling that it's also time to start working out more to achieve a "beach body."  I think this is probably my favorite way to get a beach body.  Also, if you're wondering how to pick a swimsuit for your shape, this is a great guide.  

For a long time it seemed like two-piece suits reigned when it came to finding a cute swimsuit, but I think the one-piece has experience a resurgence these last few years.  There are just so many stylish, well designed options.  I'd even take the wacky tan lines to rock that crocheted suit.  I've wanted a crocheted swimsuit for years, but haven't found the perfect one yet.  That one is definitely on my radar, but I think I'd probably prefer the coverage of the other three.  That leopard suit, man, it speaks to me.  It probably doesn't help that I've wanted to be Micheline since I was like 16.  That gal is like hot sex on a stick, man.  Pin up inspiration for days.

It's supposed to get sunny today and then be in the 70's all week, so maybe I'll get inspired to snag a new suit for the summer!  It'll also be a great time to test out my homemade sunscreen, so maybe by the end up next week I'll have results to share!

 above bikini via ofabz