I've been feeling a strong resurgence of pin-up style in my outfits lately.  Getting back into that scene has been fun, and it's so great to meet new, fun people.  On a whim I decided to compete in a pin up contest this August, and I've never done anything like that!  I was never a pageant girl growing up, I was probably the furthest thing from it, actually.  One of my friends from Adventures in Oz won last year's contest and encouraged me to go for it, so I said, "What the hell!" and signed up.  17 year old me would be so proud.  I used to take my El Camino to car shows and car club meet ups back in high school and I remember seeing the pretty girls in their pin up outfits walking around the car shows getting their photos taken against shiny hot rods.  I secretly wished I could rock that style, but I was still too self conscious at the time.  I'm excited to go to a car show and pin up contest ten years later, with the self confidence to rock a hot pin up look.


top/courtesy of modcloth :: jeans/courtesy of for elyse :: shoes/thrifted
necklace/moorea seal :: shades/gift :: photos by Dan

This might just be the only leopard print thing I own, which is an oversight I promise, my burlesque sisters, to rectify immediately.  Leopard always walks that line between luxe and kitsch, falling to one side or the other depending on the application.  I've never been much of a luxe type girl so I suspect my styling will always meander towards kitsch, which is probably appropriate for a girl with a blog named "Delightfully Tacky."  For all the ways my style has evolved and revolved over the years, it's always interesting to see which things come back to me and resurface.  Every once in a while I step back and I'm like, "does 'delightfully tacky' still work as my blog name?  have I grown out of it?" and then I realize that I'll probably be delightfully tacky my entire life.  It was a phrase I used to describe myself years before I even started the blog and I'm sure it'll describe me years after the blog goes away.