you'll like tacoma

It's been a while, in internet time, that is!  In real life it's only been a week, but it seems like time online moves much more quickly.  I was in Sitka over the weekend and got sick while I was up there so I've been in a bit of a haze lately.  After the plane landed, my right ear never popped and I still can't hear out of it, so it's felt like I'm hearing everything from inside a fishbowl.  I have newfound sympathy for my hard-of-hearing grandparents.  Not being able to hear well is obnoxious!  Also, I feel like I'm talking inappropriately loud all the time...

Today I've partnered up with BC Footwear for their Summer Roadtrip, to bring you an awesome giveaway and to show you a few of my favorite local spots around Tacoma.   Dan had the day off yesterday so we did a little bit of exploring downtown.  We stopped by an awesome locally owned clothing shop, Urban X Change, which is similar, in a way, to Buffalo Exchange.  I love it because the prices are awesome, so it's sort of like thrifting, but it's curated well so you don't have to dig through a ton of ugly stuff to find the good stuff.  I've been meaning to take a box of old clothes down there to sell, but of course every time I stop in, I forget to bring the box.  So it goes.  


After doing a bit of browsing at UXC, we headed a bit further down Pacific Ave and popped into Tacoma Cabana for a drink.  It's been open for quite a while, but we'd never found the time to go down.  They do craft tiki cocktails, and I'm all about that situation, so I was glad we finally made it over there!  I need to go back for a lady date at some point because fruity cocktails.  I'm usually not big into the fruity booze, but I feel like most times fruity cocktails aren't mixed well, or are concocted with a heavy hand and too much sugar, but the Tacoma Cabana cocktails don't seem to be of that ilk whatsoever.  Plus, they play episodes of Gilligan's Island on the tv, and there's a grass shack roof over the bar.  And a fish tank behind the bar.  I rest my case.


dress(similar)/swapped :: top/courtesy of ruche :: purse/courtesy of minnetonka
shoes/courtesy of bc footwear :: flower crown + long necklace/handmade
short necklace/courtesy of adorn by sarah lewis :: photos by Dan + me


Another favorite local haunt is Hilltop Kitchen.  Owned by one of the most innovative and accomplished cocktail bartenders in the northwest, they have seasonal menus that will blow your mind and taste buds.  And if that doesn't convince you, the spring cocktail menu was filled with drinks with Beyonce themed names (Surfboard, To The Left,  XOXO, The Beat Got Sicker... etc).  They're coming out with the summer menu soon, though, so I think we might have to say farewell to the Beyonce drinks.  If you're not too into cocktails or booze in general, HK also has amazing food.  The bar is south/latin american inspired in their drinks and fare, so they've got tons of tacos and other south american inspired, northwest influenced food.  They do their best to source their ingredients locally, so there are often specials based on what's currently available locally, and their seasonal menus are also constructed with that in mind.
Some other local favorites:
Bluebeard Coffee
Metronome Coffee
Over the Moon Cafe
Dorky's Barcade
Masa's sundeck on a sunny day
Retrospect Vintage
Vanity Vintage
Annette B


And now to the giveaway!  BC Footwear is doing a huge giveaway, giving one lucky winner 6 pairs of shoes!  The giveaway is being hosted by a few different bloggers, so we'll all separately draw winners and then send those winners to BC Footwear, then on June 27, the BC Footwear team will compile all of the winners and draw one who will win all six pairs of shoes!  The chance to enter here at Delightfully Tacky will be open for entries for a week, and there are multiple ways to enter.  You can also enter at the other bloggers' giveaways, just search #bcsummerroadtrip on twitter and you can see the links to the other giveaways! The giveaway is open to US residents only.

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