5 ways to style a headband

arlier this month Salvage and Stone asked me if I'd be interested in styling some of their headbands, and I thought it'd be a fun opportunity to come up with a few different ways to wear a headband!  Since my hair is curly, all of these styles are done with curly hair, but you can definitely still work them with straight hair, or you can curl your hair prior to styling if you want a similar look but have straight hair.  

You can find the two headbands I'm wearing in this post here and here!


This is a super quick and easy style.  With your hair down, just pull the headband down over your hair and then tuck half your hair into the headband, leaving the bottom half down.  Pull the hair at your crown slightly out of the headband to give it more volume.  For a full version of this, where you wrap all your hair into the headband, click here!  I left some hair out in the front, but you can also try wrapping you hair all the way from the front to the back.  



You may have seen this extra-long pony trick bopping around the interwebs.  Separate your hair into two parts, top and bottom.  Make a half pony with the top half, clip it out of the way, and then pull the bottom half into a low pony, and then let the top half out of the clip.  Pull your headband over and you're done!  You might have to play around with the ponies to get them to integrate.  It's a fun way to make your hair look super long!



For this style, take a very deep side part, all the way to your ear, and flip your hair over to one side.  Pull the headband over your hair.  You can leave your hair out, like I have here, or you can do a side pony or side braid with this style!



Pull your hair into a half pony and clip it up.  Pull the headband on over the hair you've clipped up, then release the clip. To get extra bump volume, tease the hair at your crown.  Done!


Pull the headband over all your hair.  Take your hair in a pony and get some volume in the top (you might need to tease your hair to get the desired volume).  Take the end of the pony and twist it into a french twist-esque style and then clip the hair to secure.  Use bobby pins to secure any wonky spots or stray hairs.