flowers in her hair

Dan recently got a new job, and he gets up at 5am to get ready for work, which means I have a lot of night time to myself.  I'm a dyed in the wool night owl and I really don't think that will ever change.  I may or may not have built my life around not having to get up early ever again.  I'm always impressed by morning people, though.  I'd much rather stay up late to do stuff, so I can sleep in in the morning, but some people, apparently, would rather go to bed and then wake up and do that stuff in the morning.  My problem is, I know if I don't do it at night, it's just not going to happen.  My sleep brain just has different priorities than my regular brain.  My regular brain thinks it's a great idea to wake up early and go get coffee and get a bunch of work done before 9.  My regular brain thinks it'd be awesome to wake up early and go for a run.  My sleep brain thinks nothing is more important than sleep.  More sleep.  10 more minutes of sleep.  30 more minutes of sleep.  Unfortunately my regular brain is out of commission when these doing-things-in-the-morning decisions are to be made and sleep brain rules, which means: sleep.  


dress / courtesy of chicwish :: shoes / courtesy of modcloth :: bracelets + ring / thrifted
necklaces/ courtesy of adorn by sarah lewis :: flower crown / handmade

The good news is, Dan now has a regular schedule and gets off around 4pm every day which is great for being able to schedule our lives more and hang out in the evenings!  Mostly it's just nice that he has a regular schedule now.  His last job was working nights and afternoons with different shifts on different days, so it was hard for him to find a rhythm.  He loves having a regular schedule in his life, so this change is awesome for him.  More power to him for being able to wake up at the ass crack of dawn before I'm even close to resurrecting from my nightly death.  

In other news, it's been hot here in the PNW lately and it's only going to get hotter this week, so white breezy dresses is the name of my game.  Less fabric=better, although I'm pretty sure I could walk around naked and I'd still be sweating balls.  Still, I'm loving it.  For all those months we put up with the clouds and rain, the summers in the PNW are outstanding and totally worth it.  It's going to be in the 90's this week so I'm thinking at least one of those days needs to involve waterfront and a bikini.  At least.